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    What's Your Story Campaign

Business Challenge

The Microvision Flic Bar Code Scanner team wanted to grow the product line to meet company revenue goals. While they had sold thousands of units they didn’t know how the product was being used, or with which operating systems, devices, and applications. That made it hard to know which activities to expand or leverage.

Campaign Results

The response rate exceeded our expectations. With the information we received we were able to inform our product roadmap, identify potential product bundles, and address larger potential opportunities. We were also able to represent voice of the customer data when discussing quality issues in cross-functional and leadership meetings.

Projects Spawned in Part from this Campaign

  • New collateral and improved messaging
  • Online solutions guide
  • Continued development of Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Investment into the development of MEMS-based scanner
  • Collaboration with ISVs for product bundles

VP of Marketing

Greg Olson is the consummate marketer! A tireless worker with infectious enthusiasm, Greg is passionate about customers and all forms of marketing. He combines a strategic sixth sense with a hands-on work ethic and gets important things done. I hired Greg to be a product marketer at Microvision and he quickly grew his responsibilities and influence within the marketing team and the company. It was a pleasure to work with Greg and I hope to work with him again.

Tom Sanko


What We Did

We needed to hear more from customers beyond resellers and independent software vendors (ISVs) who purchased scanners. The company had been selling products through an e-commerce storefront but had not yet engaged these online customers. We designed a campaign to address this.

What’s Your Story Campaign

The What’s Your Story campaign had an online and offline component. We created a notebook with a die-cut area that resembled the shape of the Flic Scanner. Customers who would receive this notebook in the mail would immediately recognize the shape as the scanner. It would be unmistakable since we also printed the image of the scanner onto the first page of the notebook. On the cover, we included a debossed area with the campaign name “What’s Your Story?” This direct mail piece was sent to the physical address on record for each online order. Customers also received a personalized letter inviting them to tell their story, e.g. how do they use the scanner, with what device, etc. We provided a handsome incentive and the usual nudge reminders to participate.

Empowering Customer Storytelling

We made the offline and online experience feel connected. The letter provided each recipient with a unique code to be entered at a website landing page that resembled the inside cover of the notebook. Customers were able to provide the feedback in categories we were looking for and were also able to share open field feedback. We didn’t’ know what to expect.

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