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Who is JUG Team?

A Collaboration

JUG Team is a collaboration between Joe Melberg, Una Drake, and Greg Olson.


  • Marketing tactics should be guided by a sound strategy
  • Agile practices make work more efficient and impactful
  • Remote work is here to stay. Distributed teams get more done together, even when apart.
  • The world of work has changed, making companies increasingly reliant on freelancers and agencies.


Greg Olson and Joe Melberg have collaborated on projects since 2006. Una and Joe collaborated on projects beginning in 2012. All three independent business owners came together in 2019 under the moniker, JUG Team, to offer clients a larger set of services.

The JUG Team

Our team is passionate about helping vision-driven organizations make a bigger impact. We have the courage to challenge and ask tough questions. Our goal is to bring out the best in you and create the best opportunity for your success. Clients hire the JUG Team because of the customization we provide and the wealth of experience we bring to their projects. Clients retain us because of the impact we make.



Creative Director

Joe Melberg

Creative Director

Joe brings his Techism talent to push creative boundaries for clients as expressed through logo and identity design, mood boards, website design and programming, collateral, photography, and other graphic design and treatments. In his spare time Joe makes music, art and great food. He is a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido. The “J” in JUG Team.

Una with Glasses for team site


Digital Marketing and Copywriting

Una Drake

Digital Marketing and Copywriting

Client storyteller, message-crafter and amplifier, Una contributes copywriting, content marketing, campaign design and media buying to the JUG Team. A coach at heart, Una loves helping each person, each client, each business to be seen, heard and understood on their own terms, in the best possible light. She enjoys travel and spending time in nature. The “U” in JUG Team.

Greg Olson Traveling


Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Greg Olson

Consulting Chief Marketing Officer

Greg founded Delightability with the hopes of changing the world, one project, one client, one service at a time. A life-long learner, curious by nature, he holds the belief that landfills could be less full of junk and our bellies and minds more full of delight. Greg loves to travel and has published two books about customer experience and innovation culture. The “G” in JUG Team.

Tapestry of Talent

We offer clients a diverse range of personnel to bring
our best creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Gary Daley


Brand Ambassador & Communications

Gary Daley

Brand Ambassador and Communicator

Gary Daley is part of the JUG Team Alliance. A professor of communications turned contractor turned brand spokesperson and trainer. Gary created the brand, America’s Deck Builder. He has served as a brand ambassador and spokesperson in marketing materials and media for Ultralox, DuxxBak Decking, FastenMaster, and others.

Guy Vieira


Life Sciences Illustration

Guy Vieira

Life Sciences Illustrator

Guy adds to JUG Team capabilities by providing scientific illustration for life sciences clients. Clients include research, therapeutic, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical instrument, and data analysis companies from pre-clinical through commercial stages of development.

Ian Davino


Visual Design

Ian Davino

Visual Designer

Ian serves as an additional graphic design resource for the JUG Team. He produces art and design for infographics, display ads, web pages, and other marketing materials.

Creative and Tenacious

Let's Do This

We are comfortable with a blank page and a big challenge. Bring
your big idea. We’ll refine it and add the scaffolding to make it happen.


Coffees Consumed


Ideas Implemented


Cats Herded

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