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Our History

We’ve been working together to help clients make a bigger impact since 2006.


JUG Team is a strategy and design collaboration between Joe Melberg, Una Drake, and Greg Olson. Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about helping vision-driven organizations make a bigger impact. We are attracted to leaders with big ideas and bold ambitions. We admire courageous clients who forge ahead even in unfamiliar territory. Our clients see bridges, not walls. They explore possibilities and further their organization’s potential.


The philosophy of “doing well by doing good” resonates strongly with us. The business leaders we work with have an eye toward improving their organizations as well as the communities they serve. They are deeply curious about their customers and not only wish to remain relevant, they sincerely wish to improve their customers’ lives.

Tapestry of Talent

The Crew

We offer clients a diverse range of personnel to bring
our best creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.



Creative Director

Greg Olson Traveling


Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Una with Glasses for team site


Digital Marketing and Copywriting

The Mission

What to Expect

We have the courage to challenge and ask tough questions. Our goal is to bring out the best in you and create the best opportunity for your success.

Creative and Tenacious

Let's Do This

We are comfortable with a blank page and a big challenge. Bring
your big idea. We’ll refine it and add the scaffolding to make it happen.


Coffees Consumed


Ideas Implemented


Cats Herded

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Our Clients

Each client we work with has unique challenges and opportunities. Our approach is custom for each client.
Here is a sampling of clients we’ve had to good fortune to help make a bigger impact.

Opportunity is Calling.

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