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Brand Strategy and Delivery Services

Brands should grow and develop along with the companies they represent. When things are working well, your brand is an accurate and memorable representation of your company and what it is about. It communicates your values, your vibe and your mission, both explicitly and symbolically. Your brand is a promise from your company to your customers about the specific benefits, quality, and value that you offer.

New Brand Strategy Needed

At times your brand may feel out of sync to your employees or customers. Perhaps your company went through a merger, or you’ve added new product lines and new capabilities that aren’t yet reflected in the company messaging. Maybe the look of the brand has just become stale and outdated over the years. Alternatively, your company may be new, and positioning, messaging and branding need to be created anew. Whichever the case, a brand strategy process may be needed to get your brand working for your company and multiplying success.

“I was just spending some time on the Ziteo website after not reviewing it for a while. I am impressed at how really excellent it is. Not sure if I ever fully thanked you for what you did for the project. Well thanks! Your teamwork with Alyssa and Lucile was great.”

– Anthony DeLizza, V.P. of Marketing, Ziteo


Let’s Talk about Your Brand.

    Brand Development Services

    Trusted Process

    Developing and deploying a brand strategy can be daunting. The brand strategy and delivery process is complex, but our proven process has methodically produced positive results for clients. We use agile-based project management techniques to stay focused while being receptive to feedback and tuned to shifting business priorities. Our Business Sprint process means you can count on us to produce high impact results, consistently, on time and on budget.

    Remote Friendly Since Forever

    Our track record of working remotely predates zoom and other tools that are commonly used today. We’ve worked on branding, websites, and other projects that span time zones and continents where it isn’t practical to bring people together in person.



    Successful brand projects begin with a strong start. JUG Team marketing provides prospective clients with a questionnaire to help you perform an internal assessment on your own. If you like our process and want to learn more, reach out to us.

    Moving a Brand Project Forward

    After you hire the JUG Team we set up your brand project for success. Getting the scope, budget and timeline in alignment is important so everybody involved has the right expectations. In the setup phase we discuss the stakeholders who will be involved and form the brand counsel. Your brand project might be weeks long or months long depending upon the scope. Either way, we make sure we define what success looks like and work toward that incrementally. We move in shorter cycles with frequent feedback and reviews.

    Discovery – Design – Delivery

    No matter how comprehensive a brand project is, it is delivered in smaller increments that are validated along the way by the client. This is an agile process we call the Business Sprint. During this phase we establish a rhythm of discovery, design, and delivery. Each time we go through this cycle we produce deliverables that are reviewed and validated by the client team. Discovery tools include surveys, audits, exercises, assessments, concepts maps, interviews, research, etc.

    Design and Deliverables

    In design mode our creative services may generate words, graphics, images, color, typography, icons, mood boards, or other explorations towards your brand project. With each cycle completed more deliverables contribute to the brand project. These deliverables are validated by your team and may include logos, graphics, naming, positioning platform, value propositions, boilerplate, web copy, or a brand experience.

    Brand Delivery and Maintenance

    By the time we launch your brand we’ve delivered on all of the elements of your brand project. Now it’s time to share the new logo, positioning, website, and brand experiences with the world. We may do this through events and communications with channels, employees, press, investors, and suppliers. As we launch we also want to be mindful of performance. We’ll listen for mentions, monitor traffic, and pay attention to sentiment and monitor the brand metrics discussed during project setup.

    Extending the Brand

    By the time you launch your brand you’ll have a rich visual identity and powerful words that can be applied across assets and locations at whatever pace the company is comfortable with. Of course JUG Team can remain a resource to help you fully deliver your brand.

    "I’ve stood on ladders 50 feet in the air placing a logo design on the side of a building. I know the pitfalls and practical considerations of good design."

    Joe Melberg, the “J” in JUG Team

    Brand Strategy and Delivery May Encompass Global Operations

    Brand Strategy & Development Services

    For more information on our Brand Strategy & Delivery services for your business, please reach out for a no obligation discussion. Call (657) 221-7128, email info@jugteam.com, or fill out the form. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your business situation.

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