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What can digital marketing do for your company?

That depends upon your goals and your type of business. It also depends upon your competitive environment. An effective digital marketing strategy isn’t a quick fix. Some efforts will take time and require monitoring and adjustment. Patience and budget are required. JUG Team digital marketing services are staffed with US based senior marketing professionals who are attentive, accessible, and obsess on your success every step of the way.

Example goals of a digital marketing strategy include:

Increase Revenue and Improve Margins

  • Ramp up lead generation
  • Increase e-commerce revenue
  • Attract new customers
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Provide self-service options
  • Multiply success across channels

Increase Market Presence and Competitiveness

  • Launch new products and services
  • Reposition a brand
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Educate audiences
  • Increase communications
  • Tell a more coherent story

Reach Your Audience with Confidence

It is important to be clear about the audience you wish to engage. Depending upon your business you might want to attract investors, channel partners, supply chain partners, distributors, representatives, the general public, and media in addition to prospective customers. Your digital marketing strategy may have a domestic or regional focus or you may want to reach international audiences with or without language localization. Of course all of this can change over time. JUG Team uses agile methods to stay calibrated to your shifting business priorities.

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    Digital Marketing Primer

    Digital marketing is the use of digital channels to promote products and services. Digital channels include websites, mobile devices, social media platforms, search engines, email, applications, and digital signage. Digital marketing activities are aimed at driving traffic to your website where you hope users take further action including call, chat, click, purchase, subscribe, ask, find, and complete form. Form fills give companies an opportunity to collect information to further quality prospects while responding to inquiries. Digital marketing activities are spread across 8 categories.


    Where to Start or Restart Your Digital Marketing

    Chances are your organization already has a digital marketing effort underway. If you have any version of a website, social media channels, e-newsletter, blog, or online advertising, then you are already doing some level of digital marketing. The place to focus your digital marketing efforts depends on many factors? Talk to your employees, customers, and partners. Listen to your sales and business development personnel. Look at returns, complaints, customer service records, chat logs and analytics if you have them in place. If there is an uncomfortable gap between current and expected business performance then an effective digital marketing strategy can help. Our US based digital marketing services is comprised of experienced senior marketing professionals who can help you close the gap.


    A properly designed website is essential to a digital marketing strategy. In fact, your strategy may require more than one website depending upon your situation. You may have product microsites, new websites coming online as companies reposition brands or acquire and integrate other businesses, products, and services. Website maintenance is also essential to your digital marketing strategy. Who will make content updates? Who will maintain the site technologically? Items that will likely need addressing include:

    • Update WordPress core, theme, plug-ins, security patches as available
    • Periodically backup website and database to off-server location
    • Recommend and install new plugins to add desired site functionality
    • New landing pages to promote new offerings

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Optimization efforts are concerned with getting website content to show up in search results. This is the free component of digital marketing but does require investment in well thought out content, keyword strategy, and ongoing review. Competitors are not sitting still so a search term your company ranks well for today may be threatened over time. It is essential to monitor site analytics, search results, and competitive developments to identify areas of opportunity for keyword and content refinement and development in order to improve organic search results.

    Content Marketing

    As the saying goes, content is king. You won’t have much to market if you don’t have any content. Prospective customers will never see you in search results if you don’t have high quality content. Content feeds everything your prospective customers will interact with including web pages, advertising landing pages, e-newsletters, collateral, presentations, and other selling resources. Content strategy includes content curation of existing content and image assets as well as content creation. Meeting transcriptions and interviews with domain experts or customers or channel partners is a good way to harvest stories to tell in various content formats. JUG Team can close content gaps through copywriting, illustration, and storytelling around available project and material photos and stories. We can lead your web content team or plug into existing efforts. Our US based digital marketing services use senior marketing professional who speak your language. We can help you overcome the Curse of Knowledge. See our 7-step recipe for building B2B Content Marketing that Connects.

    Email Marketing

    Building a permission based email marketing list is critical for businesses who wish to keep customers engaged over time. This is especially important if the selling cycle is long or complex. Many inquiries begin with a sample request and eventually result in being designed in, priced, ordered and installed. Savvy marketers don’t stop there. Gaining testimonials, project photos, and referrals reduces your overall cost of marketing since all of that can be used to attract and engage future customers. A regular newsletter can keep customers informed of business developments, new product announcements, and even expose them to current products, services, and resources they may not have known about.

    Social Media Marketing

    It is a good idea to have a presence on the same social channels that your current and potential customers and channel partners use for business purposes. Regular posting and striking a balance between commercial and informative or entertaining posts is key to retaining and growing your online audience. Reciprocate by engaging with your customers’ and partners’ posts. Not all channels are effective for all businesses. Free posts on social media will be throttled by social media platforms whose business model relies on businesses advertising and boosting content to make it more widely known. In addition to the large social media platforms, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, there are specialized trade platforms who offer the ability to build company profiles and generate leads from the platform.

    Mobile Marketing

    Beyond mobile applications and responsive websites there are opportunities to include mobile devices into your digital marketing strategy. That makes good sense since your customers and future customers rely on mobile phones in their personal and professional lives. Prospective customers and current customers can receive promotional or information messaging via SMS or MMS. Other functionality may be built into your collateral, events, and communications, e.g. QR codes, click to call, push notifications, etc.

    Marketing Analytics

    It is important to monitor digital marketing effectiveness. There is also a level of reporting that is helpful to enable decision making in other parts of the business. Google is the king of search and offers valuable tools to webmasters who wish to improve search engine performance. Search Console will identify areas for quick improvement and highlight any pitfalls or blind spots that might hinder search performance. Google Analytics will tell us who comes to the site and how they got there, who referred them and what interested them the most. Custom reports for AdWords campaigns, search traffic, content strength and more are available. Google Data Studio, renamed Looker Studio, provides rich access into the data from AdWords campaigns, Analytics, and Search Console and enables JUG Team to build custom reports to inform clients on digital marketing effectiveness and empower decision making with solid data and analytics.

    Telltale Signs of a Troubled Digital Marketing Strategy

    The first sign of trouble is that you have no digital marketing strategy in place. Taking your chances is dangerous because well-resourced competitors with intent can win over customers that will never see your marketing efforts. Trouble in any one area of digital marketing usually spills over into other areas. If you feel that any of these items apply to your organization then you will benefit from having JUG Team take a look at your digital marketing efforts. We can do a quick analysis and have a short discussion about needed improvements that will fit your budget.

    Signs that your digital marketing is suffering


    • Website is poorly designed and maintained
    • You have let your website domain name expire in the past
    • Website is not user friendly on mobile devices

    Search Engine Optimization

    • Not showing up in organic search results on first page or even first several pages
    • No clear idea on what search terms you wish to rank for
    • Website pages and blog posts are not optimized for search

    Paid Ads

    • Competitors are advertising in google and other online properties but your company isn’t
    • Your company’s advertising has poor performance
    • No specific landing pages designed to fit advertising campaigns

    Content Marketing

    • No resource available to drive, curate, or create content
    • No established roadmap of content to be posted
    • Expertise, success stories, and news is trapped inside the organization and not being communicated externally


    • No analytics and dashboard in place to see performance at a glance
    • No discussion about current or desired performance
    • Errors and poor online experiences go undetected without any plan to improve

    Email Marketing and Social

    • Not leveraging what customer and partners are saying about you in social media for your own storytelling
    • Missing social media channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.
    • Low or no signups to your e-newsletter and poor engagement of content

    Move Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

    When you tire of tactics driving strategy it’s time to make a change. Work with JUG Team to build a comprehensive and personalized digital marketing strategy, specific to your company and your current situation. Our digital marketing services are US based and operate in all US time zones.

    Schedule a meeting with the JUG Team and we will:

    • Conduct an initial assessment of your current needs
    • Put together an opportunity map for you to exploit and move forward

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