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Create a Product Microsite for a Concept Product

How a Product Microsite Gauged Pre-Product Interest, Informed Product Design, and Activated a Brand



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    GetPicoP.com Product Microsite

Situation: Gauge Interest for Future Product

Create a product microsite to gauge interest in a new product, service, or brand. Microvision had a nascent technology that held much promise. In the competitive space, DLP Technology from Texas Instruments, already with a strong foothold in traditional projection and display markets, was moving toward portable and mini projectors. Microvision had the potential for a miniaturized laser-based pocketable projector based on the company’s patented MEMS technology. Such a product would offer many benefits over competitive offerings including a large viewing experience with an image always in focus. Aside from the formidable challenges in turning a technology into a product, there was the lingering question, “Would people buy a pico projector?”

Our immediate challenge was to gauge interest from prospective customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who would eventually embed the laser light engine module into their own products.

Results and Benefits of Creating GetPicoP.com Microsite

  • Created awareness for PicoP projection display technology
  • Gained initial engagements with interested manufactures
  • Informed product development of critical versus desired projector features and capabilities
  • Generated questions and concerns to be addressed by product management
  • Learned about additional usage scenarios suggested by the online expanded focus group
  • Garnered insights useful to creating the Projection Displays section of the company’s future website
  • Spurred internal dialogue around branding, positioning, messaging, and ingredient branding for what would come to be known as PicoP Display Engine
  • Activated the PicoP brand through collateral, events, and communications that relied on the content, images, and messaging from the GetPicoP product microsite

Chief Technology Officer


“Motorola is committed to driving technology innovation that will
enable the next generation of great consumer experiences,” said Rob
Shaddock, CTO, Motorola Mobile Devices business. “Working together
with Microvision, we are pursuing ways that projection technology can
redefine how mobile consumers view and interact with the media they
take with them.”

Rob Shaddock

Motorola Mobile Devices business

From Press Release: Microvision Signs Agreement with Motorola to Develop Pico Projector Display for Mobile Applications

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 24, 2007–Microvision
(Nasdaq: MVIS) today announced that it has signed an agreement with
Motorola to develop pico projector display solutions for mobile
applications leveraging Microvision’s ultra-miniature laser-based
display engine, called PicoP(TM)….

Solution: Create Product Microsite

We created a product microsite that showcased PicoP projection display technology. The website was available on a separate URL, getpicop.com so all focus would be on this campaign to gauge interest without users being distracted by the company’s competing messages around AutoHud, Flic Scanners, Military Displays, etc.

We Didn’t Want to Distract a Potential Consumer Audience with Military Displays.

The image-driven website revealed unique use case scenarios along with futuristic images and headlines that were meant to resonate with or provoke viewers. We provided a survey link for people to provide further input and rate the likelihood that they would engage in the projector scenarios shown. We were also able to gauge interest level between accessory projectors that connected to other devices versus embedded self-contained projectors.

The website was designed with content and messaging focused on potential consumer customers as well as prospective OEMs.

Consumer Audience
Though the company was conducting in-person focus groups at the time they were limited. The product microsite extended the focus group to an online community that represented a wider geographic and demographic profile. Interested prospective customers could also sign-up to be notified of future product announcements.

OEM Audience
OEM leads generated from the website were pushed into the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for further follow-up.

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