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    HDG Building Materials

  • DATE:

    Sept 2020


    Ken Burns Style Video

Capabilities Video Created from Still Images

Business Situation

HDG Building Materials represents numerous manufacturers including Buzon Pedestals International. We wanted to create a video to showcase iconic projects that use Buzon Pedestals.

Buzon Pedestal with Travertine Stone Pavers

Twofold Marketing Challenge

The first challenge in making this video is that the Buzon pedestal products are hidden by the decking surface once installed. If you’ve ever walked on a rooftop deck you’ve likely walked over Buzon pedestal but didn’t see them below the decking surface. The second challenge was that there wasn’t any video footage available and shooting new footage wasn’t in the budget.

“We Have Plenty of Beautiful Progress and Completion Photos for Various Installations. Let’s bring them to life.” – Erik, HDG Building Materials

Our Creative Solution

We surveyed the existing still images across hundreds of installed projects. We culled the list to include a variety of decking materials and a diverse range of applications that used Buzon pedestals. Then we created a video using these still images in the style of a Ken Burns documentary, adding movement to create more interest.  The Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in video production from still imagery.

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