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Visionary product videos to reveal life with pico projectors.

Videos can bring stories to life and imprint them on the brains of your audience like indelible ink.

JUG Team member Greg Olson shares experience at Microvision when working with Portfolio Productions to create videos.

Trusted Collaborator: Barrett and Portfolio Productions

Whether a small documentary or television-quality production with a large cast and crew, Barrett delivers concept through final execution, directly overseeing all the details, from scouting, scripting and storyboarding, to shooting, editing, and creating final deliverables to upload, share, and distribute. He has worked with a broad range of for-profits and nonprofits, including such nationally known brands as American Red Cross; Intel; Nike; The Coca-Cola Company; and Blue Diamond Growers.

“My early career experience included working as PR director for a community action agency in Wisconsin; shooting production stills on a feature film shot in New York, and operating the fourth-smallest drive-in movie theater in the country in Virginia. Talk about an eclectic resume!” Barrett

Three Guys in a Bar – Video Sharing With Advertisement

In this video, three friends meet in a bar. One demonstrates his new phone connected projector. He shares a funny video with his friends by projecting it on the shirt of the bartender. An advertisement is played in the video stream.

Make the Future Come Alive

At Microvision we were working on a future device, a laser projector about the size of a cell phone. We wanted to show people the possibilities for handheld projection. Our team envisioned a series of short videos that we could show potential customers, partners, and investors.

Resist the Temptation to Do it Yourself

We had pressure inside our organization to not use outside resources. Some insisted that employees could make good enough videos in between their other assignments and duties. Ultimately, we hired professionals. We chose Barrett and Portfolio Productions to make a series of five videos. It was money well spent.  Here is why.

Details Matter from Concept to Delivery

Barrett did much more than make a few videos. He helped us clarify our vision and made the entire process seem easy. He translated our video concepts into useful storyboards and scripts, lined up talent that would make the stories believable, and found great locations to support each story. With all of the pre-work his team had completed, when we arrived on location to shoot the videos it was not only well organized and pain-free, it was actually fun. Barrett and his team managed all of the details so that we could stay focused on the stories we wanted to bring to life.

Business Impact

Without these videos, it would have been difficult to light up the imaginations of component manufacturers in the supply chain or potential OEM customers. Showing potential usage scenarios helped investors to see the future they’d help make possible. With these videos Microvision was able to:

  • Validate usage scenarios and stir further dialogue about future use
  • Invoke imaginations of prospective OEMs, e.g. Motorola and retail customers
  • Empower storytelling and gain the support of component manufacturers
  • Create demand with retail customers
  • Boost morale within the company
  • Secure continued investment

JUG Team Plays Well With Others

Even a great team needs to bring in outside expertise. By doing so you can lift the outcome from adequate to extraordinary. Work with others when you need to:

  • Get things done quickly
  • Add creativity and broaden your perspective
  • Draw on particular domain expertise, proximity, or relationships
  • Access additional resources, technology, and know-how

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