Branding For
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How Cohesive Branding
Led to Big Budget Projects

By staying on-brand and on-message, a consortium of independent companies was able to multiply their success and land BIG-budget projects


    The Throughstone Group

  • DATE:

    2014 - 2015


    Brand Development and Communication


A consortium of independent companies wanted a common identity that would enable them to tell a larger story. This was important to be able to pitch clients with potential high-value projects. On their own, each independent company didn’t have a compelling and large enough story to attract the desired client projects. They needed to communicate their collective abilities in a way that was appealing to the wealthy clients they desired to work with.

What We Did

Naming and Brand Identity

Guided the naming process that resulted in consortium name, The Throughstone Group, a consortium of thinkers, craftsmen, and innovators. Created a complete brand identity package with all the visual elements associated with the brand, e.g. logo, typography, colors, collateral design, website design, and even your social media graphics.

Print Collateral and Responsive Website

Designed printed showcase leave-behind booklet and fully responsive website to show and tell the Throughstone Group story and to attract clients. Provided guidance to participating member companies on how to communicate participation in the group on each member’s website.


The Throughstone Group landed their largest project ever in Truckee, CA, involving 300 tons of stone and an equally heavy budget.

Master Stonesmith, Owner, Director

Jul 29, 2016

“I met Greg at an event in 2010. He was NOT shy about asking me thoughtful questions about my work and business. I felt that he was genuinely interested and intrigued by something new and different.

The conversation continued and he shared some excellent advice about “telling your customers a story” and “creating excellent experiences”. I latched on to those two points because he was right.

He now works with my stonesmithing business and a consortium of companies building high-end, one-of-a-kind dry stone features. He and his team are helping us create “stories”, “experiences” and showing us ways to be truly remarkable.

He and Joe LISTEN very well and come up with sometimes wacky ideas that work amazingly well. For example, instead of all of the consortium members have colored headshots on the “about us” section of our website and booklets, they suggested we have caricatures drawn for each of us to create a sense of equality and “team”. We said “yes” and it’s been an interesting conversation aspect with new clients. Now we have a go-to company for the long haul.”

Jon Aguilar

Heritage Earth and Stone, The Throughstone Group

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