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Bringing Complex Biotech to Market

How a Promising Biotech Startup Finally Reached Their Audience.

Challenge – Bring Unknown Biotech to Market

ClearLight Bio licensed CLARITY technology from Stanford University with the intent to bring this biotech to market. When JUG Team was initially engaged, ClearLight Biotechnologies had multiple priorities including securing funding and gaining marketplace validation. They had a technical seed of awesome potential, but technologically inferior rivals were outperforming ClearLight Bio in organic search and other online channels. ClearLight needed to get noticed by researchers and institutions and then serve them flawlessly with products and services.

What We Did to Bring ClearLight to Market

JUG Team provided a wide range of services to bring ClearLight’s biotech to market:

Website Creation and E-commerce

  • Launched a new website with applications pages, resources, and a Learning Center for scientists new to CLARITY technology and 3D Immunohistochemistry
  • Provided a range of launch scenarios to support various budget levels

Market Research and Consulting

  • Created competitive comparisons and positioned company’s products and services
  • Provided consulting services for business development and investor relations
  • Researched competition and customer ecosystem identifying growth opportunities
  • Designed desired tradeshow experience and provided logistics and onsite support

Digital Marketing and Communications

  • Designed, implemented and managed digital ad campaigns in Google Search, Display Network and YouTube
  • Wrote ad copy, blog posts, web content, Creating Cures Community newsletter, and customer communications
  • Maintained publishing rhythm to produce newsletters, blog posts, and social posts

Creative Services

  • Created illustrative library to use in animations, collateral, presentations, etc.
  • Designed and distributed infographics and technical illustrations
  • Created custom videos with novel audio and voiceovers
  • Photographed products and packaging for e-commerce website

Results – Bringing Biotech to Market

ClearLight has become more recognized in their niche area of the scientific world. They have had meetings and had the opportunity to work with institutions that are household names in the pharmaceutical industry, academia and even federal health agencies.

Performance Highlights

  • Increased leads, greatly increasing business opportunities with commercial, government, and academic institutions and researchers
  • Reduced average time between initial contact and signed paperwork to begin a project from months to days
  • Increased ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) for most relevant key phrases
  • ClearLight now shows up as the first organic search result on Google, above relevant links to high quality respected sites, and the National Institutes of Health
  • Enabled ClearLight to hire additional science staff to keep up with increased workload
  • Launched a Tissue Clearing Kits, physical product, to provide increased market reach and revenue

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