Who Says Science Needs Marketing?

March 26, 2021 Greg Olson

…what I really learned during the pandemic year is that science needs better marketing—refined and persistent—so that no one will ever again take its discoveries for granted.

According to Neil deGrasse Tyson one of the major lessons that 2020 and the pandemic has revealed is that Science itself needs marketing in this day and age. We are struggling with anti-vax sentiments,  widespread disinformation amidst a global medical emergency, and even flagging public trust and desire for the much needed medicines of the future.

Imagine the ad campaigns: We fly through the air at 500 mph, seated in a cushioned chair, inside a 100-ton metal tube, 30,000 feet above the ground—because of science. We communicate with practically anyone we’ve ever met, in an instant, no matter where they are in the world—because of science. We obtain immediate access to all the compiled knowledge of the world, at our fingertips—because of science. Neither you nor your mother died in childbirth—because of science. Most people used to die at 65 or 45 or younger, but we don’t anymore—because of science. And we are able to glean accurate insights about Earth’s past, present and future, especially its climate, our ecosystem and the forces we exert upon them—because of science.

Read more or listen to the audio version of the article at the WSJ.

Imagine What’s Possible with Better Science Marketing

Seriously, imagine for a moment that science and marketing were steadfast allies, embarked in a journey to advance progress. In that honest journey, the accuracy and integrity of the science would shine through. Junk science would be stymied. Marketing would use proven storytelling techniques, humanizing science, weaving a narrative that captures hearts and minds of audiences, scientific or not. Complex topics would become more relatable and accessible. Non scientific members of the public would recall and retell stories in layman’s terms, ensnaring yet more imaginations.

Gold Paper Airplane for Science Needs Better Marketing Blog Post from JUG TeamThe Story of Flight, Reimagined.

Imagine if Wilbur and Orville Wright had better marketing during their time. Several things could have changed, potentially affecting how we live today.

  • Faster Recognition: Improved marketing efforts could have accelerated the dissemination of their accomplishments, bringing them into the public eye sooner. That could have led to more resources for their aviation explorations.
  • Increased Funding and Support: With improved marketing, they might have been able to garner more financial backing for their research and experiments instead of having to self fund from the proceeds of their bicycle shop. Imagine what they may have discovered if they had their experimental wind tunnel earlier or benefited from a larger tapestry of talent.
  • Accelerated Aviation Development: With improved storytelling and exposure the Wright brothers could have spurred greater interest in aviation development. Imagine inventors, aviators, and engineers collaborating and exchanging knowledge. This collaboration could have led to earlier advancements in aviation technology and infrastructure.
  • Commercial Opportunities: Better marketing might have enabled the Wright brothers to explore commercial opportunities more effectively. They could have secured contracts with governments, companies, or investors interested in using their aircraft for practical applications. FYI – Crop dusting didn’t start for nearly 18 years more, ironically in the Wright brothers hometown of Dayton, Ohio. That was 1921. The first commercial operation began in 1924. Imagine other collaborations including movies, air transportation, cargo and freight including airmail, remote sensing and surveillance, tourism, etc.
  • Earlier Adoption: With increased awareness and marketing, other aviation pioneers and engineers might have been inspired to join the field of aviation earlier. This could have led to a more rapid pace of innovation and a more competitive aviation landscape. Think satellite technology and global telecommunications and even space exploration.

Make Your Science and Innovation Soar

Marketing strategies during the Wright brothers’ time were limited compared to today’s digital era. It is thought provoking to reflect on the potential impact better marketing and more effective communications would have had on the story of flight and the innovations that followed. On that note enjoy this cartoon depicting the Jet Age Dream of flying cars.

Exploring New Frontiers

The idea of flying cars remains a symbol of the human desire for progress, innovation, and the exploration of new frontiers. Other frontiers include deep space exploration, ocean exploration, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, renewable energy and sustainable technologies, health and biotechnology, climate change mitigation and adaptation, extreme environments, and consciousness and human perception.

Science Does Need Better Marketing

For each new frontier being explored there are countless imaginations busy at work, inventing, innovating, discovering, experimenting. Hopefully, each and every one of these individuals will be met with a formidable ally who provides their science with better marketing. At JUG Team we obsess on your science and your success. If that describes the type of marketing business partner you’d like to collaborate with, then get in touch. We’d love to explore working together. Call (657) 221-7128, email info@jugteam.com, or fill out the form. We look forward to meeting you. JUG Team for Biotech. JUG Team for Building Materials Innovators.

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