Telltale Signs of a Troubled Digital Marketing Strategy

February 16, 2023
February 16, 2023 Greg Olson

Is Your Digital Marketing Performing to Potential?

Is your digital marketing strategy living up to its potential?  If it feels like your business has stalled, then probably not. It’s easy to understand how that can happen. People get busy, people exit the organization, and your business strategy can shift. When you look up after a while, you notice the current website and your messaging no longer reflect the current business reality.

Maria Pinner, Global Marketing Manager at One Network Enterprises

Maria Pinner

Global Marketing Manager at One Network Enterprises

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What can digital marketing do for your company?

Telltale Signs of a Troubled Digital Marketing Strategy

The first sign of trouble is that you have no digital marketing strategy in place. Taking your chances is dangerous because well-resourced competitors with intent can win over customers that will never see your marketing efforts. Trouble in any one area of digital marketing usually spills over into other areas. If you feel that any of these items apply to your organization then you will benefit from having JUG Team take a look at your digital marketing efforts. We can do a quick analysis and have a short discussion about needed improvements that will fit your budget.

Signs that your digital marketing is suffering


  • Website is poorly designed and maintained
  • Website messaging doesn’t represent current business strategy
  • You have let your website domain name expire in the past
  • Missing features on website
  • Website is not user friendly on mobile devices

Search Engine Optimization

  • Not showing up in organic search results on first page or even first several pages
  • No clear idea on what search terms you wish to rank for
  • Website pages and blog posts are not optimized for search

Paid Ads

  • Competitors are advertising in google and other online properties but your company isn’t
  • Your company’s advertising has poor performance
  • No specific landing pages designed to fit advertising campaigns
  • Nobody has time to navigate the competitive ad landscape

Content Marketing

  • You lost your agency or digital marketing resource
  • No digital marketing manager or dedicated resource
  • No web content team or editorial board
  • No established roadmap of content to be posted
  • Expertise, success stories, and news is trapped inside the organization and not being communicated externally
  • No use of video in online marketing efforts
  • Nobody repurposing existing content
  • Inconsistent storytelling among employees and partners


  • No analytics and dashboard in place to see how we’re doing at a glance
  • No discussion about current or desired performance
  • Low website domain authority
  • Errors and poor online experiences go undetected without any improvement plan
  • Nobody observing onsite user behavior to identify needed improvements
  • Not resolving issues revealed from Google Search Console

Email marketing and Social

  • Not leveraging what customers and partners are saying about you in social media for your own storytelling
  • Missing social media channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and industry specific channels
  • No new likes, shares, follows or engagement on social media
  • No active e-newsletter or irregular publishing of e-newsletter
  • Low or no signups to your e-newsletter and poor engagement of content

Digital Marketing Strategy Guides Tactics

Recognizing your own company in the symptoms above may prompt you to want to jump into action, but that could be a mistake without a strategy in place. Each component of a sound digital marketing strategy serves to reinforce the others. Addressing shortcoming in your digital marketing strategy can have a multiplier effect when done properly. Strategy should drive tactics, not the other way around.

Take the Next Step

Get your digital marketing strategy performing to potential. Discovery is the first part of developing a strategy when we work with a new client.

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