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November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023 Greg Olson

Navigating Forward: Making Smarter Choices

In our specialized world, where each of us relies on others for tasks beyond our expertise or time constraints, managers and leaders face unique challenges. The expectations from customers, investors, employees, and stakeholders place a heavy burden on them. As responsibilities multiply and time diminishes, business leaders are presented with a crucial choice. They can attempt to shoulder more on their own, or they can exponentially enhance their effectiveness by leveraging the strengths of others. The stories below illustrate this difference. After reading, take the next step: download our free Strategic Decision Matrix. Use it on your own or with your team. Reflect on the four key ideas and utilize the matrix to guide your business forward.

Tumultuous Tim and Tenacious Tina:

I once had a conversation with the CEO of a seafood product manufacturing business, whom we’ll call Tumultuous Tim. He expressed frustration over his struggle to find time to grow his business. Tim was hands-on, handling everything from product preparation and sales to delivery, communications, and accounting. Despite his confidence in performing these tasks, he consistently found himself running out of time each day. The only constant in his dynamic business was a persistent lack of time.

Visionary Vince and Adaptive Amy:

Around the same time, I had a discussion with another CEO, Visionary Vince, who led a software company. He was at a crossroads, contemplating the decision to work less and rely more on his team. Ultimately, Vince chose to delegate, freeing him up to pursue additional product development and explore outside interests. Remarkably, the company remained unaffected by the change and continued to thrive. Simultaneously, Vince created a more effective and enjoyable life for himself.

Transformative Impact: The Power of Delegation

In Vince’s case, delegation played a pivotal role, allowing him to multiply his success by leveraging the strengths of his team. New perspectives were brought to bear on various situations, boosting morale and fostering personal growth among employees. Unfortunately, Tumultuous Tim was unavailable for comment, as he remains engulfed in the busyness of being busy.

What about you?

Are you navigating challenges like Visionary Vince and Adaptive Amy, or does your situation align more with the time constraints faced by Tumultuous Tim and Tenacious Tina?

Leverage the Strategic Decision Matrix

Click the matrix image to download the free Strategic Decision Matrix. Use is on your own or with your team. Reflect on the four key ideas and relevant criteria for your business.  Make smarter informed choices about guiding your business forward.

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