Building Industry Brand Spokesperson

May 12, 2023 Una Drake

Why Have a Brand Spokesperson?

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Connect through personability
  • Create engaging videos that get watched
  • Demonstrate unique product features and benefits
  • Train installers, DIYers, and sales channel

Does Your Company Have a Brand Spokesperson?

A professional building industry brand spokesperson is a valuable tool for companies in the building supplies and manufacturing space to effectively communicate with their customers and channel. Successful brands make extensive use of video to show off large projects and unique features of what they have to offer.

A brand spokesperson can make the difference between great videos that get watched and communicate an effective message, versus videos that don’t live up to their potential. While almost anyone these days can take a video using their smartphone, there is a huge difference between amateur videos and professional produced marketing videos that connect.

The building industry is complex, spanning everything from manufacturers and reps to architects and construction companies. A brand spokesperson can be invaluable for companies trying to reach their desired market segment. An effective brand spokesperson can help build trust in a company as they help educate everyone from the end user to installers as well as everyone else in the long chain it takes to get products and materials into finished buildings.

Getting Your Own Building Industry Brand Spokesperson

If you want to leverage video and the power of a brand spokesperson for your building industry brand, you have three alternatives:

Doing Everything In-House

First, you can try to do everything in-house. If you go this route you will quickly find that it is difficult and expensive. Getting professional quality video involves a lot more than just ordering a basic lighting kit from Amazon and shooting video on your cell phone.

Have you ever tried speaking on camera? Most people are not good at it and it shows. Being good on camera involves a special set of skills and talents that are not commonly available in the building industry.

You’ve most likely hired people at your company for their abilities that are completely irrelevant to how they look and sound on video. Finding the right person who looks and sounds great on camera and also knows your product and the industry can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Even if you are lucky enough to have that talent, you will have to hire a film crew and editors to polish the videos after the footage is taken. It gets complicated and expensive very quickly. What will you have them do in the downtime?

Hiring a Generic Video Company and Standard-Issue Spokesperson

Your second option to leverage video and a brand spokesperson is to hire a generic company to make videos for you and to bring in a standard issue “talking head” who can narrate and demonstrate your products and services. While this is considerably less complex for you as a business owner, the results you get are usually lack-luster. Unless your brand spokesperson really understands your industry they will lack credibility and relatability for your specific audience.

Video is a uniquely revealing medium. If your spokesperson is out of their element on a construction site or in a product warehouse, that will be immediately apparent. By extension, your brand will lose credibility with viewers or your videos will simply not have the emotional power to “land” with viewers the way you hope.

Working with JUG Team

Your third option to effectively leverage video for your company is to work with JUG Team, and to utilize Gary Daley as your brand spokesperson. Gary has worked in the building industry for over 30 years. Before he became America’s Deck Builder, Gary was a communications professor and a broadcast journalist. In addition to Gary’s talent, the rest of JUG Team backs up Gary’s skills with expert video and editing ability.

When your company needs educational videos or training materials, Gary and the JUG Team, can deliver both instructional design as well as in-person on-screen delivery. Gary is great in-person as well as on camera. He can be available at trade shows, trainings, certification programs, or anywhere you need a credible, engaging spokesperson.

When you’re ready to join the big leagues, step into the spotlight in confidence, with JUG Team at your back, and Gary in front of the camera, telling the world about your products.

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