PhaseRX Scientific Animation

For this project showcasing intracellular enzyme replacement therapy from PhaseRX, our team created a custom scientific animation, original sound track, and voice over. We took extra care in producing intricate technical illustrations, ensuring that the message reached the scientists who were already well-versed in the subject matter.

This was a great project. Guy, the art direction lead, knew me from my Microvision days.  He knew I was a pretty good animator and could quickly produce animation to his concepts and boards. So, when he got contracted to do the video, he was quick to bring me in as somebody who could guide the process, and then deliver the final result. – Joe Melberg

Bringing Science to Life With Scientific Animation

This scientific animation project started with detailed illustrations, aiming to elucidate the science behind the PhaseRX therapeutic for Urea Cycle Disorder. To truly breathe life into these illustrations, an animation was essential.

Steps Taken to Achieve the Vision:

  1. Guy Vieira, the artistic mastermind, skillfully crafted the scientific artwork for the animation project.
  2. Guided by Joe Melberg, the animation process took shape, transforming the illustrations into a seamless and engaging animation sequence.
  3. Iterative refinements and fine-tuning were undertaken to ensure every detail aligned with the project’s vision, ultimately leading to the final animation sequence.
  4. Upon obtaining approval, a compelling voiceover was professionally recorded, accompanied by an original soundtrack, giving the animation its full impact.
  5. The culmination of this collaboration resulted in the production of the final video, where science came to life through the captivating animation.

Do You Have Scientific Animation Needs?

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