Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. JUG Team is a flexible marketing team. We work with leadership across departments to address strategic goals. 

We can work with your marketing leadership, and/or we can provide marketing leadership. We can work with other agencies and freelancers you have already engaged, and/or whatever team you have in place. 

We’ve been working virtually for over a decade. We are used to working effectively with distributed teams, across time zones and geographic regions. 

When we begin work we start out with a deep-dive diagnostics and strategy process to determine what tactics to implement. The tactics are completely customized to your particular company and your needs at the current time.

Let’s have a conversation to find out. Contact us through the online form, or drop us an email or phone call. We’ll set up a time to meet via Zoom. We’ll get acquainted and you can ask us any questions you have. You can choose to move forward with either the Strategy and Diagnostics process alone, or you can choose to engage the JUG Team for an initial contract, typically six months. 


We work on a monthly retainer model, with the scope of work customized for each client. We find this model allows us to provide the highest value for the businesses we work with. 

You can be assured of a predictable expense each month, without worrying about being nickeled and dimed. We are freed up to focus on your business and to do our best work without complex tracking and billing.

Our goal is to earn you multiples of what you are paying us each month.

The actual fee we quote you will depend on many factors including the size of your business, your goals, and the velocity you set. 

Keep in mind that we are a flexible team. When you engage the JUG Team you get three seasoned professionals with complementary skill sets, ready to work with your company on a flexible time frame. In addition you get access to our network of trusted professionals, available to lend additional support as needed, all without the headache of hiring and managing these resources internally. 

You have one predictable monthly expense versus the overhead of sourcing, onboarding and managing an employee or team of employees, with all of the additional HR burden that entails.

We specialize in working with early stage companies. All companies need strategy and positioning. Communicating with investors and establishing pathways to reach future customers are examples of things JUG Team can help with even before a company has customers.

First we’ll dive into our Diagnostics and Strategy process, and from there decide on the next best steps. 

In the Implementation phase, we work in a sprint model, based on Agile methodology. At the end of each sprint we review and reevaluate with you, and then plan the next sprint.

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