Save My Browser Tabs: Tech Tip

June 27, 2023
Posted in Tech Tips
June 27, 2023 Joe Melberg

Save Open Browser Tabs Even After Reboot

It can be frustrating when a project is paused and you come back later to discover that everything has been rearranged. It doesn’t matter if the project involves making soup, a kitchen remodel, or working online. This is especially annoying if you have been performing online research and have multiple browser windows and tabs open. Alas, the lost tabs problem has now been solved.

Chrome Settings: On startup – Continue where you left off

Did you know that Google’s Chrome browser now has a feature that prevents such misery? Start where you left off even if you had 34 tabs open and accidentally closed them or had to shut down your computer. This is definitely an improvement to working online. Now, about that soup….

Joe Melberg

Joe Melberg is passionate about creative work and has been a creative professional providing art and strategy to clients since 1995. He is also an Aikido instructor and musician. Joe is the J in JUG Team.
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